Commercial vehicles – Custom manufacturing

Remco Air works with you to create and manufacture custom vehicle cooling systems. Our team can design a cost-friendly cooling system for any type of vehicle using new spare parts or parts from used or defective cooling systems.

Tailored cooling systems!

The Remco Air team can also transform your defective vehicle cooling system. Our experts can revive your current cooling system by replacing or adding parts, often at a price that is lower than that of a new cooling system.

With more than 45,000 products in stock and thanks to its Rem-Coil MFG division, the Remco Air team can reproduce most condensers, evaporators and oil coolers. We are more than willing to take on any challenge we are faced with in terms of vehicle cooling systems. Whether your project involves one or more commercial vehicles, we have the tools to meet your requests and provide you with a vehicle cooling system adapted to your situation.

Remco Air technicians have the know-how to duplicate and improve the performance of vehicle cooling system spare parts. Note that Remco Air also offers a custom manufacturing service for vehicle heating systems.

To have the best prices for your vehicle
cooling project and exceptional service,
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