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Remco Air is your perfect partner to install, maintain, repair and develop a vehicle cooling system. Our team has been consolidating its expertise in the field since 2002 and has completed numerous projects throughout the years.

Whether you are an individual or a professional with a vehicle fleet, our team is the best placed to provide you with the most effective cooling system that is best suited to your reality. For competitive prices and flexible and personalized service, no need to look anywhere else. You’ve come to the right place!

Installation of cooling systems

For commercial/heavyweight vehicles, tractors, off-road machinery, emergency vehicles, etc.

Our experts will propose a cooling system that is best suited to your needs and type of vehicle! At Remco Air, our priority is ensuring the comfort of your drivers and operators and optimizing the fuel consumption of your specialty trucks or machinery.

In order to find the vehicle cooling system that is most suited to your industry, our team offers a complete product catalog. We can also install and design a custom cooling system for your specialty vehicles, while taking into account your work environment and needs.

One of the benefits of choosing Remco Air to install your vehicle cooling system is that you get to enjoy the road service provided by our technicians. Whether it is for a new installation or a repair, our technicians can service your needs directly on your job sites!

For information purposes, Remco Air installs cooling systems for all types of vehicles such as:

  • Trucks (heavyweight trucks, trailers, tow trucks, etc.)
  • Buses (coaches, minibuses, etc.)
  • Emergency vehicles (ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, etc.)
  • Forestry equipment (skidders)
  • Mining equipment (underground loaders, trailers, etc.)
  • Excavation equipment (excavators, bulldozers, mechanical shovels, graders, etc.)
  • Farm equipment and machinery (tractors, loaders, mowers, etc.)

You can also choose a custom cooling system for your vehicle.

Remco Air is the perfect partner to complete all your projects! Contact our team to get a quote!

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At Remco Air, our experts know how to install a cooling system on all types of vehicles, in a timely fashion and at a competitive price!