Our expertise, for all types of vehicles!

Our heating and cooling know-how applies to all vehicles, be it a car, truck, commercial vehicle (heavy truck, heavyweight, tractor, emergency vehicle), bus or RV (recreational vehicle and caravan). We can solve any problem and respond to any request. With our experience, we can provide consulting services and give a clear picture of heating and cooling (air conditioning) repair and maintenance needs for all types of vehicles.

For all your needs

Whether you are an individual or own a fleet of speciality or commercial vehicles, we are the most qualified to meet your needs in terms of vehicle heating and cooling.

  • Does your vehicle cooling (air conditioning) or heating system seem to be defective?
  • Does your vehicle cooling system need specific maintenance, cleaning or filling?
  • Is your vehicle heating system pushing cold air out?
  • Is your vehicle cooling system no longer cooling the vehicle?
  • Are you looking for specific parts for your vehicle heating or cooling systems?

No worries! At Remco Air, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, we can maintain and repair your vehicle heating and cooling system. We can also design a vehicle heating and cooling system. Lastly, we can help you out with any of your development projects.

Competitive prices for all types of vehicles!

Remco Air brings together professionals with access to equipment (approved by government standards established by the Ministry of Environment) to repair, maintain and develop custom parts for your vehicle heating and cooling systems.

With its service centre expanding over more than 12,000 square feet and more than 25,000 products in stock, Remco Air can provide you with the best service at the best price for all your vehicle heating and cooling needs.

We take care of our clients…

As a business, we pledge outstanding customer service, flexibility and drive. This is why we offer road service provided by skilled technicians. Whether it is for a repair or new installation, our technicians can service any heavy machinery, farm tractor or other vehicle that cannot travel to our premises.

We also provide technical support by phone via our toll-free line 1 888 359-3366

The service centre can also loan you a vehicle during your appointment. For more information, speak with the department supervisor on site.

Lastly, know that our team of professionals will do everything in its power to provide you with friendly service and meet your needs efficiently, whatever your demands or projects.

…And the environment!

We care about our clients’ well-being and that of the environment!

Indeed, our technicians are trained to meet the most recent government standards to recover pollutants during our repair work.

Furthermore, did you know that a vehicle with a well-functioning heating and cooling system apparently consumes less fuel?

So, if you want to save on gas and help reduce your ecological footprint, then just call on our team! Our technicians will see to the maintenance of your vehicle heating and cooling system!

A trained team working for you!


Remco Air was founded in May 2002, through the ambition of two young entrepreneurs from the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu region. The company met with rapid success in the area and throughout Canada, as a vehicle heating and cooling system specialist.

Our team is now composed of some twenty professionals who care about customer satisfaction and quality work.

Remco Air not only brings together a group of vehicle heating and cooling specialists, but also works in manufacturing and retailing. The company distributes vehicle heating and cooling system parts throughout Canada.


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