Cars and RVs – Installation

Remco Air does not only service heating systems for commercial vehicles; we also offer an adapted service for individuals. Do you want to install a new heating system in your recreational vehicle because the current one does not work properly? Our team can do that for you!

Whether it is for a water or air heating system, our technicians can complete the installation on your recreational or specialty vehicle at a competitive price!

You’ll experience the benefits of choosing the Remco Air team to install your heating system in your recreational vehicle!

By opting for a field specialist, you’ll notice:

  • A decrease in gas consumption.
  • Windows that are easier to defrost in winter.
  • The ability to reach an optimum temperature in your vehicle cabin more quickly.
  • A warm engine before even starting the vehicle, making the latter more effective.

Lastly, you can also come to our service centre and purchase single parts. Indeed, we distribute parts for heating system brands such as:

  • Webasto
  • Espar
  • RedDOT
  • Kysor
  • Rig Master

Note that installing a heating system for a passenger vehicle (car, van, pick-up) is rather costly and that sets are very hard to find. This is why when it comes to installing a vehicle heating or cooling system (for your car, van, pick-up), you should go directly to the dealership.

That said, our team is the reference to repair or maintain your vehicle heating or cooling system, whatever the type of vehicle (van, car, pick-up, etc.).

If you have any questions regarding a vehicle heating or cooling system,
refer to the experts on Montreal’s South Shore: Remco Air.